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San Miguel de Allende, in the heart of Mexico, is more than just a beautiful, well-preserved Spanish colonial town with a UNESCO pedigree; it is a foodies’ paradise. We spent three weeks here and are eager to share some of our favorite San Miguel restaurants, rooftops, tacos, non-Mexican cuisine, and even our favorite mezcal cocktail.

In San Miguel you can find not only excellent culinary styles from every corner of Mexico, but also high-quality cuisine from around the world. Because of the balmy weather most of the year, many restaurants showcase their creations in fantastic rooftop spaces, with magnificent views of the famous cathedral, colorful church towers, and the surrounding hills of the town.

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Our Favorite San Miguel Restaurants

We love to eat. It’s what drives our travels and we’ve found food to be the best way to get to know a country, a town, and its people. So the first thing we did upon arrival was take a few food tours, presented by locals: Tacos & Tequila and Mole & Mezcal; you can read more about these here. Some of the places we visited figure in our lists, but we also drew from other recommendations – from the tour guides, from locals we met, and from other reviews. While we were sadly unable to sample everything San Miguel has to offer, we feel we’ve come up with a list of the very best.

Best Brunch in San Miguel

Brunch is a big deal here in San Miguel and brunch restaurants cater to locals and expats alike. Personally, we love rolling out of bed a little late, then having brunch instead of lunch, getting two meals in one. It’s all we need to get us through to dinner.


We always stopped here for brunch as we were walking to City Market for groceries. It’s a cute place with a lovely outdoor space in the back, very popular with the brunch crowd.

Rústica San Miguel
Chilaquiles and Cappuccino at Rústica

Lavanda Café

Another regular brunch spot for us. They have a lunch menu starting at 11 am, but we’re all about the breakfast. Huevos rancheros for me, Tortilla Ranchera – omelette with chorizo and cheese – for Mark. That being said, the sweet potato chips are really delicious and it’s impossible to not eat them all. They have an excellent coffee selection. For me, the cappuccino is delicious and I will give it the award for most beautiful as well. Cash only.

Cappuccino at Lavanda Café San Miguel
Cappuccino at Lavanda Café

Inside Café

Inside Café has a great rooftop and terrace with excellent views, always a nice brunch vibe. Beautiful savory dishes and delicious cappuccinos.

Amapola Café

They have great breakfast dishes, sandwiches, and salads. Excellent coffee and a nice patio in the back. They always bring out their delicious jam and butter while we wait for our food.


Nice egg dishes, but this place is primarily a bakery and their sourdough bread is out of this world. And they are so nice here! We always leave with a sourdough loaf and some croissants and bagels.

Best Rooftop in San Miguel

When you have stunning scenery and great weather almost year-round, you’re gonna have great rooftop bars and restaurants, and they are ubiquitous here.

San Miguel restaurants

Luna Rooftop Tapas Bar (Rosewood)

The rooftop restaurant at the Rosewood is hard to beat for the amazing panoramic views. Although we had dinner there and expected it to be pricey, it was shockingly expensive (but pretty good). However, we saw lots of other parties just having drinks and enjoying the sunset, so we recommend you do that instead.


Quince has a very spacious, multi-level rooftop. In one direction, you have the sunset, and right behind you is a massive view of the Parish Church. The food and drinks were good as well.

San Miguel restaurants

La Azotea

The rooftop at La Azotea, just a block from the Parish Church, is a great place to relax and watch the sunset. You get beautiful views in every direction and you can enjoy their food, which was among our favorite.

Great drinks and don’t miss the jícama tacos!

Casa Nostra SMA

Casa Nostra

One of San Miguel’s best international restaurants has a rooftop view to match. It makes a special dinner that much more memorable.

Best Tacos in San Miguel

There are so many great tacos here, but a handful really stand out. We found ourselves going back again and again. You can’t have too many tacos.

La Azotea: Jícama Shrimp Taco

If you’ve never had a taco with a jícama shell, you’re in for a real treat. It holds together and adds crunch without competing with the delicious shrimp filling. A local favorite.

Andy’s Taco Truck: Al Pastor Taco 

Customers rave about their other tacos, but they are best known for their al pastor – seasoned pork grilled on a spit and served on a corn tortilla with a slice of pineapple. Your late-night taco choice as they don’t open until 8 pm.

Andy's Taco Truck San Miguel
San Miguel restaurants

Tostévere: Peruvian Cebiche Tostada

A tostada is just an open crunchy taco! They have an excellent Tempura Shrimp Taco, but we really love the Peruvian Cebiche Tostada – and the Sirloin & Melted Cheese.

Don Taco Tequila: Vegan Tacos

You heard me. Vegan tacos! Don Taco Tequila is strictly vegan. They use ingredients you might not be familiar with, like cashew cheese and pea protein, but the end result is really delicious, plus it’s a pretty healthy meal. We tried four: cauliflower, al pastor, carnitas and chorizo and loved them. I threw in their Nachilas as a bonus – nachos made with lentils, avocado and tomato and lots of other good ingredients. They bring you chips and four salsas which are spicy and delicious.

San Miguel restaurants

Baja Fish Taquitos: Fish Tacos

Classic but done perfectly. Fresh battered fish served on a warm corn tortilla with cabbage, pico de gallo and crema. Don’t miss their ceviche tostadas as well!

San Miguel Restaurants: Best Non-Mexican Food

Sometimes you’re in the mood for something besides local food; we were here for several weeks so we mixed it up a little. Here are some of our absolute favorite non-Mexican places.

Casa Nostra

Excellent old-world European with a focus on Italian dishes, this international restaurant has a gorgeous rooftop and is popular for special occasion dinners. Impeccable service. We started with the caprese salad, which was fresh and tasty, then Mark had the Bolognese and I had the Rabbit with Pappardelle. Both pastas were really good.


Regarded as the best pizza in San Miguel for sure, it stands up against many of the authentic Neapolitan-style pizzas we’ve tried. Their pizzas come out of the oven hot with the right amount of char, and they have great flavor profiles on these. Mark gets the classic Margarita and I get the Bestia, which features tomato, soppressata with dried chilies, smoked provolone and red onion.

Bennu San Miguel
Burger at Pork Belly

Pork Belly

We went here for lunch to try their burger, which had great reviews. We ended up getting the burger and the pastrami sandwich, then sharing, and we were both winners. It was hard deciding which we liked better.

San Miguel restaurants
Blackened redfish at Hank’s


Hank’s is primarily Cajun-Creole and it’s a lively San Miguel institution. We started with the gumbo. Our drinks were just okay but the food was really delicious and the service was very attentive.

Best Mezcal Cocktail

I have a weakness for mezcal, so I took it upon myself to try as many mezcal cocktails as I could. One will forever haunt my dreams, but others were also very tasty. I had to have them over and over again just to be able to rank them. You’re welcome. Here are my favorites:

#4 – Mezcal Tropical at La Azotea

Arguably the most artfully presented in a hand-carved coconut shell, this frothy concoction was a tasty blend of mezcal and rosemary-infused pineapple.

San Miguel restaurants

#3 – Mezcalita at Baja Fish Taquitos

Sure, it’s just a margarita with mezcal, but this one wasn’t watery and it packed a lot of flavor (which is why I drank half before taking the photo). I appreciated the liberally spiced rim. Delicious!

San Miguel restaurants

#2 – María Sabina at Don Taco Tequila

This delicious cocktail contains mezcal, hibiscus (which gives it that intense purple color), citrus, and chilhuacle, a Oaxacan chile – not particularly hot but one of the most expensive chiles in Mexico. Garnished with a sprig of rosemary. Good to the last drop.

Smoky Mezcal Cocktail at Tostévere in San Miguel de Allende

#1 – Smokey Mezcal at Tostévere

This is my all-time favorite mezcal cocktail! Mezcal blended with pineapple juice, topped with thick, sweet homemade coconut cream, rimmed and dusted with tajín, and garnished with a torched and smoking sprig of rosemary. Riquísimo!

Summary: Our Favorite San Miguel Restaurants

No matter how long your stay here, there is a wide variety of excellent San Miguel restaurants to keep you fed and watered, with views and ambiance for days.