Hear what our Roamads had to say about their experience… 



“Digital Roamads made the transition easy on day one. We very quickly went from strangers to friends. We had a few niggles at the beginning in terms of accessibility, but I have to say that Marnie and Jesse really did pile on the work to sort it out for us. They were so conscientious and really put in the effort, which was extremely appreciated.”
—    Emily Rose Yates | Founder & Director | Globe Hopper Guides

“The group that Digital Roamads put together really clicked. It was exactly what I thought it would be, a chance for everyone to help each other by exchanging their knowledge.

You’ve got a lot of freedom in this program to make it your own. You’ve got Marnie and Jesse there to help make it happen. Even if things aren’t working for you, they’ll try their best to tailor it for you.”
— Christopher WR Johnston | Videographer & Manager | Globe Hopper Guides

“Our group absolutely made the trip. I appreciated the effort Digital Roamads put into video calling and interviewing the members before hand. It’s fantastic having so many people around who all have different professions that I can learn from. We all had the same mentality and wanted to help each other grow and succeed, and I’m sure that will continue beyond the trip.”
— Sophie Clapton | Blogger | Travels of Sophie

“Considering it was their first trip, they were extremely open to feedback and criticism. They were really proactive in making changes and not just for the next trip, but for everyday that we were there in Valencia. They provided a lot of optional activities, which allowed the individual to decide whether or not they wanted to get involved or not based on their schedule. The group was great. Everybody on the trip had something that they are very knowledgeable about and most of it was something we could learn from and apply to our lives.”
— Adam Marland | Photographer | WeOwntheMoment

“Digital Roamads provided a great opportunity to travel, meet interesting people, live locally, and work!”
— Jane Guan | Digital Strategist | InVision

“Digital Roamads did a great job curating the group. We formed a strong group dynamic from the start, which helped us make the most out of the month. We didn’t only leave with friends, but with some additional professional skills as well.”
— Lottie Reeves | SEO Copywriter | Content Marketing Strategist | Travel Writer