Marnie Gontovnick

Born in Toronto, Canada

Ever since returning from her first backpack trip to Europe back in 2012, Marnie has not been able to stay in the same city for more than 6 months. Having visited and lead several trips to over 30 countries within Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America, an office is the last place you’ll find Marnie.

With her degree from Brock University and years of experience working in the travel industry, Marnie’s dream is to help others make the world their office the same way she has.

Jesse Morein

Born in Montreal, Canada

Jesse first got the travel bug while working for a student travel company back in 2013. Having lead groups of 40+ participants through many destinations across the USA and Europe, Jesse quickly realized that people are truly the best versions of themselves while travelling abroad.

With his degree from the John Molson School of Business and work experience in Sales, Finance and Operations, Jesse is certain that the benefits of travel can extend to the global workforce.


Digital Roamads is the only work and travel service that specializes in companies. With a combined experience of 10 years leading more than 500 students and young adults through many countries around the world, Co-Founders Marnie and Jesse know what it takes to ensure a flawless transition to a new and unfamiliar destination.

“Jesse and Marnie went that extra mile to make sure we were comfortable. They were very hands on, making us feel at home. It was reassuring when the people in charge have that passion and drive. They really demonstrated that they cared.”
— Christopher WR Johnston | Videographer & Manager | Globe Hopper Guides