Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

In 2017 we did a weeklong expedition in the Galápagos Islands of Ecuador onboard Silversea’s Silver Galápagos and it was such an amazing experience. We visited a different island every day, typically exploring with morning and afternoon activities like hiking or snorkeling. Since many animals there lack natural predators, they didn’t flee, allowing us to get close enough for observation and great photos. Highlights included snorkeling with sea lions and hammerheads (the docile scalloped kind), seeing the world’s only marine iguanas, and watching flying fish being hunted by sharks off the side of the boat at night. With only around 100 passengers, it was easy, informal and intimate.

Rabida Island in the Galapagos Islands Ecuador
On Rábida Island in the Galápagos Islands of
Ecuador in 2017. Our ship is in the background.


Quito is the second-highest capital in the world (after Bolivia’s La Paz) and one of the closest capitals to an active volcano.