Fun for dog lovers… and essential for husky lovers!

I’ve wanted to visit this husky café in Bangkok ever since I saw it in my Facebook feed, probably ten years ago. Huskies galore! Dozens of them, running around, relaxing for some pets, and doing what huskies do. As the owner of a Siberian husky, I was hooked. I made a mental note to see if it was still around next time I was in Bangkok, and I’m happy to report that it is! We made the trip yesterday and the experience exceeded our expectations. If you love dogs and would enjoy spending a few hours interacting with them, check out this Bangkok husky cafe when you’re in town!

TrueLove @ Neverland

This Bangkok husky cafe is tucked away in a quiet residential neighborhood of northern Bangkok, but the place itself is very large.

We were impressed with four things about our visit:

  • Their organization. From the moment we arrived by Grab (the local “uber”) to the minute we left, they took charge, from the drop-off procedure, to having us wash our hands prior to even getting in the ticket line, to putting on plastic foot covers, to getting us our table and drinks, to arranging the photo session with the pups, and so on.
  • Their friendliness. All the staff were friendly and attentive, and the owners would come chat with you as well.
  • The space itself. Large and very clean, it consists of the café (which has two large rooms), a restroom area, and the giant concrete space where the dogs interact with you. It was spotless, and every time a pup stopped to pee, someone was there with a mop to clean it up.
    There were lots of plants, flowers and trees around, giving shade. I didn’t even notice until my husband pointed it out, but the entire space was covered. The roof consisted of translucent plastic which allowed so much light through that it felt like you were outside. This is lovely on a sunny day but ideal for when it’s raining.
  • Beautiful dogs. It is clear that the dogs are well cared for, clean and frequently brushed. Each one had thick, soft fur without too much fur flying (known as “husky glitter” to husky owners). In addition to about twenty huskies, there were a couple of shepherds, a few sheepdogs, and two akitas.

A Little History

We spoke with the owner, who has lived at this address for forty years. She got her first husky 22 years ago, then bred them for a while. At some point the pack began to grow and it eventually evolved into a business. I don’t know what the capacity of guests is, but during Covid they added the upper viewing deck as overflow, so it obviously gets a lot busier than when we were there.

This chill boy had a scratched eye so
he was sporting goggles – way
cooler than the “cone of shame.”

The Café

Our Playtime tickets came with a voucher for one hot drink and one cold drink, and they assigned us to our table as soon as we arrived. We received menus and had the option to order food, which we declined. However, they had a variety of different dishes and drinks. I had a couple of cappuccinos which were tasty and Mark went with a lemonade. As you eat and drink, a cute video plays with rules and other helpful information. For example, don’t pick up the dogs. Sanitize your hands every time you enter the play area. They have a bunch of husky merch on hand if you would like additional mementos of your visit.

Chewing on ice – a favorite treat!

Slow Motion Video

At the end of your visit, it’s time for the dogs to run across the space back to their kennels. This is the perfect opportunity for a slow-mo video capturing all those happy huskies in motion with fur flowing behind them. You will get into position near the door and wait for them to “release the hounds” so have your camera ready.

Visit Times and Pricing

There are two sessions per day. You can’t book ahead – it is strictly first come, first serve – so I was a little anxious about making the trip out, then being turned away because they were full. However, this was not a problem. There were probably sixty visitors there, and it was far from full.

When you arrive, you will have a choice of packages. Both types of sessions allow for petting the dogs and you can take your own photos. However, if you want them to take posed photos of you with the dogs, under their sign, you must do the Playtime session.

PETTING TIME: Petting Only (No Photo)CASH ONLY
11:45 am – 12:45 pm350 Thai Baht
2:45 pm – 3:45 pm350 Thai Baht
PLAYTIME: Interaction and Photos
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm500 Thai Baht
4:00 pm – 5:00 pm500 Thai Baht

My happy place – buried under about 150 lbs of floof

Getting to the Husky Cafe

The best way to get to the cafe is with a Grab. If you type in “Truelove” it comes right up. When your Grab arrives, the gate attendant will instruct him to back into the drive before letting you out (and this is the same with the pick-up as well).

The other way to get there is to take the BTS (SkyTrain) to the nearest station, Ari. From there it’s a 26-minute walk, or you can hire a tuk tuk by the station to take you the rest of the way. When you’re ready to leave the cafe, just tell the staff and they will call a tuk tuk for you.

Truelove @ Neverland: Bangkok Husky Cafe

153 Soi Ari Samphan 2, Samsen Nai, Phaya Thai, 10400 Bangkok
+66 90 101 9669